'Storehouse' is the compasssion ministry of Wells Vineyard Church. We believe that serving the poor and vulnerable and going some way to meeting their needs is an important function of community. The entire Storehouse compassion ministry is offered free of charge, with a no-strings-attached policy, thus ensuring that all ethnicitiesd within our community can access the provision should the need arise.

Storehouse consists of two aspects - Wells Foodbank, and our Storehouse Furniture Project, which offers Furniture and Household items.

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Wells Storehouse Foodbank gives emergency food parcels to those referred to us by local support agencies eg. Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB), Mendip District Council, Social and  health Care services, YMCA etc.  All items are donated by people from the local community , Wells Vineyard Church and other local churches and schools.

Each food parcel contains sufficient food for 4 days, three meals a day, according to the number of people in the family, as well as toiletires and baby items and pet food where needed.

Food can be donated via collection points in Waitrose and Morrison's supermarkets in Wells and the Wells branch of Santander Bank.

Wells Foodbank can be reached by phoning 07871 689598 or emailing
Wells Storehouse Furniture Project collects and gives away, free of charge, furniture, bedding, crockery and kitchen items (including kettles, toasters and microwaves).  All items are donated by people in the local community.

We particularly welcome donations of clean beds and matresses, small sofas, tables/chairs and white goods (particularly fridges and washing machines).

Referrals, as with the Foodbank, come from local support agencies, who should email our Storehouse Manager, Stephen Hawkins, at in the first instance and request a referral form.

WhatsApp/phone contact can be made by messaging/ringing 07818 782026.
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