What to expect when you visit us

A brief look at the elements that make up our Sunday services

Our Services

Our Sunday gatherings are at The Vineyard Centre, Unit, Keward Mill Trading Estate, Jocelyn Drive, Wells BA5 1DA where you will be welcomed with a cup of fresh coffee or tea and refreshments from 10am. The service itself begins at 10.30am


Sung worship is an important part of our meetings together. It is intimate in style and uses contemporary songs that aim to bring us into God's presence.  Our services are relaxed and informal. 

Coffee Break

Before the young people go out to their groups we have a short time of announcements.  This is followed by a coffee break which gives an opportunity to connect with one another.

Bible teaching

After the break we have a Bible-based talk which is designed to apply Biblical principles to our lives in order to move us on in our faith journey.

Ministry time

At the end of our meeting we always have an opportunity to pray for one another.  It may be that God has challenged us during the morning or that we have an issue that we would like prayer for.  Either way we allow space for the Holy Spirit to minister to us. 

Doing what Jesus would do

Church for us is not only relationship with God and relationship with each other, but also caring for those who don't yet know Jesus.  Our Foodbank and Furniture Storehouse Project helps those who are referred to us, giving the basic necessities and showing God's love

Family with a purpose

We think of ourselves as a family with a purpose.  A group of people from diverse backgrounds called to follow Jesus together

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