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Sun, Sep 08, 2019
Duration: 19 mins 7 secs
Jesus and parties! We are invited.
Sun, Sep 01, 2019
Duration: 26 mins 7 secs
Exploring why we are here!
Sun, Aug 04, 2019
Duration: 18 mins 24 secs
Spending some time being quiet before the Lord, connecting and being in His presence.
Sun, Jul 21, 2019
Passage: Mark 10:32-52
Duration: 36 mins 59 secs
Jesus' ministry, teaching and healing.
Sun, Jul 14, 2019
Passage: Mark 10:1-31
Duration: 33 mins 41 secs
God is a God of grace.
Sun, Jul 07, 2019
Duration: 26 mins 41 secs
Learning to manage change using the example of Barnabas and Paul
Sun, Jun 23, 2019
Duration: 14 mins 10 secs
Exploring the meaning of the word Baptism.
Sun, Jun 09, 2019
Duration: 49 mins 36 secs
We welcome our visiting speaker John Bagg, who is the WEC UK Missions Director. John travels extensively, visiting WEC teams within the UK and further afield.
Sun, Jun 02, 2019
Duration: 29 mins 24 secs
We listen to the words of Sue Marland, a pastor at Chegutu Vineyard Christian Church, Zimbabwe.
Sun, May 26, 2019
Duration: 34 mins 41 secs
Salt and saltiness!
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Family with a purpose

We think of ourselves as a family with a purpose.  A group of people from diverse backgrounds called to follow Jesus together

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